In an effort to constantly improve Swiss Taekwondo operations and in order to ensure sustainable governance, Swiss Taekwondo Board has decided to introduce several changes and/or appoint new members to certain committees for the Olympic Cycle 2022-2024.
Please check the complete list of committees on the Swiss Taekwondo Website. Congratulations to all the Nominees.


Poomsae National Coach  
Mrs. Maria GILGEN  
Poomsae Sport Department (PSD)  
Mr. Thomas KLÄY Chair
Mrs. Maria GILGEN Member
Mr. François DE FREITAS Member
Kyorugi Referee Committee:  
Dr. Walid YOUNES Chair
Mr. Daniel MELE Vice-Chair (De)
Mr. Mergim KRASNIQI Vice-Chair (Fr)
Dr. Barbara STORACI Member (Administration)
Ms. Isaia THEODORIDOU Member (National Team / National Referees Liaison Officer)
Poomsae Referee Committee  
Mr. Mark THOMPSON Chair
Mrs. Maria GILGEN Vice-Chair
Dr. Barbara STORACI Member
Athletes, Safeguarding & Integrity  
Mrs. Maria GILGEN Chair
Ms. Jelka ZEHNDER Athletes Representative Poomsae
Mr. Danilo TESANOVIC Athletes Representative Kyorugi