The European Cadet Championships held in Malta ended on Monday 28 November with 2 athletes representing Switzerland.
Abbas Hafaz, Male -49 kg from Krasniqi TKD & Rayen Khiari Male -65 kg from Grand Sports Academy.
Mr. Bashkim Krasniqi from Krasniqi TKD & Mr. Vojin Savic from Grand Sports Academy.
Rayen Khiari won the 5th place. Rayen Khiari beats Spain 2-1 in the first fight. He lost his second fight 1-2 against the Croatian athlete ranked 1st European in his category. ¦ Abbas Haffaz lost his 1st Match 2-0 (7-1 & 7-1) in a category of 27 athletes and obtained the 17th place (match 106).